Working Principle of Fluorescence Method Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

What is Dissolved Oxygen?

The molecular form of oxygen dissolved in water is called dissolved oxygen. The dissolved oxygen content of natural water depends on the equilibrium of oxygen in the water column with the atmosphere. The saturation content of dissolved oxygen in water is closely related to the partial pressure of oxygen in the air, atmospheric pressure, water temperature and the salt content of the water. Dissolved oxygen in clean ground water is generally close to saturation, and the saturated dissolved oxygen content in clean water at 20°C is about 9mg/L. The water body is polluted by organic and inorganic reducing substances, which will reduce the dissolved oxygen, when the dissolved oxygen in the water is lower than 2mg/L, the water body that produces bad smell.

Working Principle of Fluorescence Method Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The Fluorescence Method Dissolved Oxygen Sensor is based on the fluorescence burst principle.

Fluorescence Method Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
Fluorescence Method Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

The blue light shone on the fluorescent material causes the fluorescent material to excite and emit red light. Since the oxygen molecules can take away energy (the burst effect), the duration and intensity of the excited red light is inversely proportional to the concentration of oxygen molecules. By measuring the phase difference between the excited red light and the reference light and comparing it with the internal calibration, the concentration of oxygen molecules can be calculated.

Maintenance of Fluorescence Method Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Fluorescence method dissolved oxygen: low maintenance, no need to calibrate, replace electrolyte and permeation membrane, 2~3 years to replace fluorescence cap.

Desun Uniwill Fluorescent Method Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

DS380 series of fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor use a new generation of fluorescence lifetime technology and high performance fluorescent materials. No oxygen consumption,No flow rate limitation, no electrolyte, no maintenance and calibration,no interference from hydrogen sulfide, excellent stability. Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation. RS485 output, can be networked without a controller. Desun Uniwil Dissolved oxygen sensors are widely used in aquaculture such as fish ponds, sewage treatment industry, hydrological monitoring, environmental monitoring, and in education and scientific research.

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