Which water quality sensors are commonly used in aquaculture?

Commonly used water quality sensors in aquaculture include dissolved oxygen sensors, temperature sensors, pH sensors, salinity sensors, ammonia sensors and turbidity sensors. They are relatively important testing instruments in aquaculture water quality testing.

1. Dissolved oxygen sensor

In many aquaculture, the dissolved oxygen situation can be understood by measuring dissolved oxygen several times a day. For ponds and many tank farming systems, dissolved oxygen levels do not change quickly, and ponds are generally tested 2 to 3 times a day.

For higher-density farming systems, the failure of the aeration pump may cause large-scale death of fish and shrimp in less than 1 hour. These high density farming systems require adequate equipment or automatic measurements of dissolved oxygen multiple times per hour.

Desun Uniwill fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors use a new generation of fluorescence lifetime technology and high performance fluorescent materials. No oxygen consumption,No flow rate limitation, no electrolyte, no maintenance and calibration,no interference from hydrogen sulfide, excellent stability. Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation. RS485 output, can be networked without a controller. 

2. Temperature sensor

Desun Uniwill fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors can also display the temperature at the same time. So you do not need to by a temperature sensor separately.

3. pH sensor

Desun Uniwill digital pH sensor adopts industrial online electrode and built-in temperature sensor, which can automatically compensate for temperature, which is suitable for online long- term monitoring environment. The sensor adopts RS485 output and supports Modbus, which can realize networking and system integration without a controller.

4. Salinity sensor

Desun Uniwill salinity sensor adopts a new generation of four- electrode technology with a wide measurement range and can automatically switch the range. Automatic temperature compensation for the changing temperature of the water body. Strong anti-interference ability, the electrode can adapt to a variety of harsh water environment, the electrode will not be polarized in long- term use, reducing maintenance costs.

5. Ammonia sensor

Ammonia concentration is a key parameter in aquaculture systems and is routinely measured in intensive farming.

For routine measurements, a test tool and a small spectrophotometer are sufficient. However, in a high-load recirculating aquaculture system, in order to ensure the effective operation of the biofilter and the health of fish and shrimp, it is necessary to frequently detect the ammonia concentration. In the automatic operating system used to measure the ammonia concentration in the recirculation farming system, the sensor is an ammonia sensitive electrode. This electrode measures the amount of free ammonia in solution through a selective membrane.

In order to measure the total ammonia in a water sample, the pH of the water sample should be higher than 11 to ensure that all the ammonia in the solution is in the form of ammonia gas. The system must take into account the pH of the sample and have a measuring chamber. The pH of the water sample can be automatically adjusted before each measurement.

6.Turbidity sensor

Desun Uniwill turbidity sensors use fiber optic technology to provide superior repeatability and stability, and are less susceptible to ambient light. The automatic cleaning brush with the sensor can effectively eliminate air bubbles and reduce the influence of contamination on the measurement. It has a longer maintenance period and maintains excellent stability for long-term online use.

We Desun Uniwill supply water quality sensors such as dissolved oxygen, COD, ammonia nitrogen, PH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, sludge concentration, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, oil in water, nitrate, etc. Welcome to consult!

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