Which oils can be monitored by Oil-in-water sensors?

Oil-in-water sensors are used to detect and measure the concentration of oil in water. They can be used to monitor heavy oil, but not light oil. 

oil in water sensors

Heavy oil is a high-viscosity, high-density, and low-volatility petroleum product, typically the residue from the petroleum refining process. It includes the following types of oil:

Fuel Oil:

-Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO): Used in ships, industrial boilers, and power plants.

-Intermediate Fuel Oil (IFO): A blended fuel with viscosity between heavy fuel oil and light fuel oil.

-Light Fuel Oil (LFO): Lighter than heavy fuel oil, primarily used for domestic heating and small industrial boilers.

Residual Oil:

The residue left after petroleum distillation, high in viscosity and containing more impurities, typically used in large industrial boilers and marine fuel.


A very viscous liquid or semi-solid form of heavy oil, mainly used in road construction and roofing.

Base Oil for Lubricants:

Part of the heavy oil that can be further refined to become the base oil for lubricants.


A sticky substance extracted from coal or petroleum, commonly used for paving, construction, and waterproofing.

Oil-in-water sensors play an important role in oil bases

Oil-in-water sensors are mainly used to monitor and control the oil-water separation process. In oil-water separation facilities in petroleum bases, they can be used to detect the oil content in oil-water mixtures in a timely manner to ensure that the separation effect reaches standard.

This helps improve treatment efficiency and reduce environmental risks, while also complying with environmental regulations. At the same time, these sensors can also be used to monitor oil-water mixtures in storage tanks, pipelines and equipment to prevent leaks and pollution incidents.

In addition, the oil-in-water sensor can also be used in the drainage system of oil bases to ensure that the discharged water does not contain excessive oil and pollutants. This helps avoid negative impacts on the surrounding environment and maintains ecological balance.

By promptly and accurately monitoring the oil content of oil-water mixtures, operators can take appropriate measures to improve production efficiency, reduce environmental risks, and achieve more sustainable development goals.

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