Conductivity sensor

Top 9 Water Quality Sensors For Wastewater Treatments

Desun Uniwil Top 9 Water Quality Sensors For Wastewater Treatments: 1.Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Sensor DS500 series COD sensor is a new generation of environmental protection type COD sensor launched by our company, which is reagent free, pollution-free, more economic and environmental protection. Small size, more convenient installation, online continuous water quality monitoring. Automatic compensation for turbidity interference, with automatic cleaning […]

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conductivity sensor application

Sensor advantages: The bipolar conductivity sensor application stands out due to its special compact design type, with a wide measuring range, resistance to cold, high temperature and pressure, making it more versatile. The inherent external electrodes are very easy to clean, greatly reducing maintenance. Measurement: However, these sensors may perform differently depending on the system used for

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