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The self-cleaning turbidity sensor applies optical fiber technology to the turbidity sensor, and the principle of scattered light detection at a 90° angle has better repeatability and stability, and is not easily affected by ambient light. The automatic cleaning brush with the sensor can effectively eliminate air bubbles and reduce the influence of dirt on the measurement.

Product description:

Our Turbidity Sensor use fiber optic technology to provide excellent repeatability and stability, and are not susceptible to ambient light. The automatic cleaning brush with sensor effectively eliminates air bubbles and reduces the influence of contamination on the measurement. It has a longer maintenance period and maintains excellent stability for long-term online use.


  1. Digital sensor, RS-485 output, support MODBUS.
  2. Our turbidity sensor feature an automatic cleaning brush to prevent contamination and eliminate air bubbles.
  3. Strong anti-interference ability, not affected by ambient light and chromaticity.
  4. 90° scattered light principle, using optical fiber technology, better repeatability.

Technical parameter:

ProductFiber optic turbidity sensor/ Self-cleaning turbidity sensor
Principle90° scattered light
Range0 to 4000 NTU
Protection level Ip68
Sensor interfaceSupport RS-485, MODBUS protocol
AssemblyInput type
Power informationDC 6~12V, current <50mA (when not cleaned)
SizeΦ32*169.5 mm
Probe cable length5 meters (default), can be customized
Housing materialPOM
Optical windowoptical fiber
Self-cleaning systemno/Have

Product details page:

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Transport Packaging:

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