Portable Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meter

DYS-1 Portable Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meter Automatically identifies the sensor type. Simple and easy to use, connect the sensor to start the measurement, and can be used for sensor measurement and calibration.

Features of Portable Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meter:

  1. DYS-1 DO meter has a large LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) for clear reading.
  2. RS-485 Signal output.
  3. Low power consumption, high reliability, intelligent measurement.
  4. Having reliable, easy (one-hand operation) operation.
  5. Support manual salinity compensation, and air pressure compensation.
  6. Manual/auto-calibration.
  7. Display DO Temperature.
  8. Suitcase packaging, easy to carry.
  9. Testing at any time anywhere.

Handheld do meter


It can be widely used in freshwater aquaculture and marine aquaculture.

Technical Parameters and Dimensions:

D.O. Range0~20mg/L or 0~200%
D.O. Accuracy1%
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Drift<1%per year
Sensor MaterialStainless Steel/ Titanium
Temp. Range0~50℃
Temp. Accuracy±0.2℃
Measuring Distance3m~5m
Sensor Cleaning CycleAccording to water condition and measuring frequency
Working Temperature-20℃~50℃
Material Supplied3v~6v
Signal OutputRS485


DS1100 Handheld Dissolved Oxygen Meter


Turn off the interface cover on the top of the Hand-Measured Water Meter. Insert one end of the sensor cable into the top of the Hand-Measured Water Meter and tighten it.

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