Oil In Water Sensor

Commonly used oil-in-water detection methods for online oil-in-water sensors include suspension method (D/λ<=1), infrared spectrophotometry (not applicable to low range), and ultraviolet spectrophotometry (not applicable to high range).

Detection method:

Online oil in water sensor, Commonly used oil-in-water detection methods are suspension method (D/λ<=1), infrared spectrophotometry (not suitable for low range), and ultraviolet spectrophotometry (not suitable for high range).

анализатор нефти в воде-Desun-Uniwill

Features Of Online oil-in-water sensor:

Using the principle of fluorescence. Compared with several commonly used methods, the fluorescence method is more efficient, faster, and can be monitored online in real time.

  1. Digital sensor, RS-485 output, support MODBUS.
  2. With automatic cleaning brush to eliminate the impact of oil on the measurement.
  3. Eliminate the effects of ambient light on measurements with unique optical and electronic filtering techniques.
  4. Unaffected by suspended solids in water.

Online oil-in-water Advantage:

The oil in water sensor has better repeatability and stability. The use of self-cleaning brushes can eliminate air bubbles, reduce the influence of pollution on the measurement, make the maintenance cycle longer, and maintain excellent stability for long-term online use. It can play an early warning role in oil pollution in water.

Scenes to be used:

It is suitable for water quality monitoring scenarios such as oil quality monitoring, industrial circulating water, condensate water, wastewater treatment, and surface water stations.


Online oil-in-water sensor principle:

The oil content in the water was monitored by the ultraviolet fluorescence method, and the concentration of oil in the water was quantitatively analyzed according to the fluorescence intensity of the oil and its aromatic hydrocarbon compound and the conjugated double bond compound absorbing ultraviolet light.

The aromatic hydrocarbons in petroleum can generate fluorescence under the excitation of ultraviolet light, and calculate the value of oil in water according to the intensity of fluorescence.

Technical parameter:

ProductOil in water sensor/Self-cleaning oil in water sensor
PrincipleUltraviolet fluorescence method
Range0-50ppm or 0`5000ppb
Resolution0.1ppm or 0.1ppb
The detection limitAccording to the actual oil sample
Protection level Ip68
Sensor interfaceSupport RS-485, MODBUS protocol
AssemblyInput type
Power informationDC 6~12V, current <50mA (when not cleaned)
SizeΦ45*175.8 mm
Probe cable length5 meters (default), can be customized
Housing material316L (customizable titanium alloy)
Self-cleaning BrushNo/Have
Optical windowoptical fiber


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