Conductivity Sensor/ Salinity Sensor

Digital conductivity sensor/ Salinity Sensor , wide measurement range, automatic range switching, automatic temperature compensation. Strong anti-interference ability…


The digital conductivity sensor/ salinity sensor adopts a new generation of four-electrode technology, with a wide measurement range and automatic range switching. Automatic temperature compensation for the changing temperature of the water body. Strong anti-interference ability, the electrode can adapt to a variety of harsh water environments, the electrode will not be polarized for a long time, reducing maintenance costs.


  1. Small in size, can be assembled in many ways.
  2. Wide measurement range, automatic switching of measurement ranges.
  3. Built-in temperature sensor, automatic temperature compensation.
  4. Conductivity sensor/ Salinity sensor use polarization-free, four/six electrode technology.

Technical parameter:

Product nameDigital Conductivity Sensor/ Salinity Sensor
Detection principleElectrode method
Response time<2 sec
Measurement range1uS/cm-300 mS/cm
Measurement accuracy±1%
Temperature range0~ 50°C
Storage temperature-20~ 80°C
Output signalRS-485, MODBUS protocol
Calibration method1 or 2 point calibration


Waterproof levelIP68
Under pressure3bar
Product material316/POM
Product SizeΦ22 X 165mm
Power informationDC 6~12V, current <50mA
Cable lengthStandard 5 meters

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digital conductivity sensor-Desun

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application of desun sensors

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