Blue Green Algae Sensor

The self-cleaning blue-green algae sensor adopts the principle of fluorescence method and automatically cleans the brush, which can eliminate air bubbles and reduce the influence of contamination on measurement.


The online blue-green algae sensor adopts the principle of fluorescence method, which is more efficient and faster than the traditional manual counting method, and can be monitored online in real time. The sensor has better repeatability and stability. With an automatic cleaning brush, it can eliminate air bubbles, reduce the influence of contamination on measurement, make the maintenance cycle longer, and maintain excellent stability for long-term online use. It can play an early warning role in the reproduction of algae.

Features of blue-green algae sensor:

  1. Digital sensor, RS-485 output, support MODBUS.
  2. With automatic cleaning brush to prevent contamination and eliminate air bubbles.
  3. Direct measurement is easier than traditional manual counting.
  4. Online continuous monitoring, real-time control of water quality dynamics.

Technical parameter:

Product nameBlue-green algae sensor
Detection principleFluorescence
Measurement range0-270.000 cells/mL
The detection limit300 cells/mL
Resolution1 cells/mL
Temperature range0~50°C
Output signalRS-485, MODBUS protocol


Waterproof levelIP68
Under pressure1bar
Product materialSS316/Titanium
Product SizeΦ45 X 175.8mm
Power informationDC 6~12V, current <50mA
Cable lengthStandard 5 meters, longer can be customized

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