Automatic Aeration Control System for Aquaculture

An automatic Aeration Control System is an intelligent fishery management system that not only provides real-time water quality monitoring but also provides data and analysis to improve the overall success and competitiveness of your farm.

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What is the Automatic Aeration Control System?

  • It is an intelligent fishery management system that not only provides real-time monitoring but also provides data and analysis to improve the overall success and competitiveness of your farm.
  • It is a control system that allows local control of all types of equipment such as oxygenators, wave generators, and baiters.
  • All ponds and waters are at your fingertips.
  • Multifunctional equipment, basic 01 for two ponds, advanced 02 for four ponds, and customized 03 for eight ponds.
  • Easy tool, 5 minutes to install, 1 minute to scrub and maintain, 0 maintenance costs.
  • A multi-parameter collector supporting dissolved oxygen, water temperature, pH, ammonia, ORP… Dozens of data acquisition.
  • It is a humanized housekeeper, easy to operate with a color touchscreen.
  • Increase efficiency and save money,9 major benefits of the system, a 30-90% reduction in electricity consumption, 5-25% reduction in bait, 30-90% reduction in medication input, 25-40% reduction in labor, more than 98% reduction in risk of oxygen deficiency, 20-300% increase in production, 50-80% increase in competitiveness in the same industry, more than 90% controllability in farming, quality 10-100% premium.

Automatic Aeration Control System

Hardware parameters:

Power supply~50Hz 100V ~ 240V
Ambient temperature-20℃ ~ 40℃
Dissolved oxygen range0 ~ 20mg/L or 0 ~ 200% Saturation
Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Accuracy1%
Drift<1% per year
Sensor MaterialPVDF
Temperature Sensor TypeNTC
Water temperature temperature range0 ~ 50℃
Temperature Accuracy±0.2℃
Measuring distance25m (can be extended to 50m/100m/400m/1000m)
Sensor cleaning cycleAround 3 months (may vary depending on water quality)
Max.number of sensors supportedAround 3 months (may vary depending on water quality)
Number of controllers4 way (power is related to the power of the optional contactor) 4 way independent control
Data calculation/storage30 years (for easy analysis of own farming big data)
Sensor type supportDissolved oxygen, water temperature, pH, ammonia nitrogen, turbidity, etc.

Software function display:

1, Real-time display of measured current water quality data;

2, Real-time statistics and display of feed and electricity;

Independent control of oxygenation, baiting, and other equipment;

3, Real-time data formation curve, timely analysis of pond conditions;

4, When the system detects that the dissolved oxygen is below the danger value, the system will automatically start the oxygenation equipment to avoid the loss caused by a lack of oxygen;

5, Real-time statistics on the length of time the oxygenator has been on for the day, for the user to count the electricity bill, and comprehensive analysis to achieve savings in electricity costs;

6, The multi-day curve can be used to analyze the overall situation of the pond and to adjust the water in time to keep the pond at a good level;

7, Combined with the multi-day data, the big data automatically detects the pond’s water trend and gives farming advice.

Hardware function demonstration:

1, Real-time display of the detected water body indicators;

2, Automatic and manual switching control of the equipment at any time;

3, Can be connected to multiple sensors;

4, Can be connected to multiple control devices;

5, Can be controlled separately and independently;

6, Self-detection, and protection, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

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