Multi-parameter water quality sensors used for River water quality monitoring

Desun Uniwill multi-parameter water quality sensors used for River water quality monitoring. The multi-parameter sensors including Eight-parameter: pH, DO, TDS, ORP, conductivity, COD, ammonia, turbidity and temperature. Desun Uniwill multi-parameter water quality sensor can be Widely used in aquaculture, sewage treatment, reservoirs, rivers and other places.

Multi-parameter water quality sensors-Desun uniwill
Multi-parameter water quality sensors-Desun uniwill

Multi-parameter water quality sensors FEATURES:

-Digital sensor, RS485 output, support MODBUS.

-All calibration parameters are stored in the sensor, and each probe has a waterproof connector for easy insertion and removal.

-Equipped with automatic cleaning device, it can effectively remove the surface contamination of the sensor, prevent the growth of microorganisms, more accurate and lower maintenance.

-Alternatively luminescent dissolved oxygen, four-electrode conductivity, optical turbidity, the pH digital, digital ORP, chlorophyll , oil in water and ammonia nitrogen.

-Sensor for long-term online monitoring.

-The all-in-one design allows for the simultaneous connection of six probes and seven parameters.

With the development of economy and the increase of urban population, the pollution of urban water environment in our country is becoming more and more serious. A river is a natural body of flowing water, a natural drainage system formed by a watershed, and a major channel connecting oceans, lakes and other rivers. Watersheds act as collectors of various water and pollutant discharges, while lakes (reservoirs) act as receivers.

River water quality monitoring
River water quality monitoring

Desun Uniwill multi-parameter water quality sensor monitor and analyze various water quality parameters, and transmit the collected data to the platform for remote viewing of real-time data and remote management of equipment. The comprehensive index of water quality provides customers with a large amount of objective and detailed effective data, which has practical significance for solving water pollution problems.

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