How Fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors Can Help Improve Fish Farming?

Fish farming is a rapidly growing industry as the global demand for fish continues to increase. But as fish farms grow in size, there is an increasing need for accurate and reliable sensors to monitor water quality. Fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors are one such technology that can help fish farmers maintain optimal water conditions for their fish.

DS380 series fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor

DS380 series fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensor adopts a new generation of fluorescent lifetime technology and high-performance fluorescent materials. This technique provides an accurate and reliable method to measure dissolved oxygen levels in the water. Unlike conventional methods, fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors do not consume oxygen, thus enabling accurate and continuous monitoring without affecting ambient oxygen levels.

Fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors such as the DS380 series meet the specific needs of the fish farming industry. These sensors have no flow rate or electrolyte restrictions, require no maintenance or calibration, and are ideal for monitoring oxygen levels in large fish tanks. They are also resistant to interference from hydrogen sulfide, making them suitable for use in fish farms where sulfur bacteria are common.

A built-in temperature sensor and automatic temperature compensation help ensure accurate, stable measurements. This eliminates the need for manual adjustments during temperature fluctuations, saving time and reducing the risk of human error. But perhaps the most advanced feature of these sensors is their RS485 output, allowing them to be networked without a controller. This feature enables the sensors to transmit data in real time, providing up-to-date information on water quality, which is critical to ensure optimal living conditions for fish.

In conclusion, fluorescent dissolved oxygen sensors, such as the DS380 series, are game changers in the fish farming industry. They provide accurate and continuous monitoring of dissolved oxygen levels in the water, allowing fish farmers to maintain optimal living conditions for their fish. With no oxygen consumption, flow restrictions, or electrolyte requirements, and no maintenance or calibration, these sensors are easy to use and reliable. With their RS485 output and built-in temperature sensor, they are ideal for use in large fish farms, providing up-to-date water quality information critical to the industry’s success.

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