Desun Uniwill Water Quality Sensors Attended the Wie Tec 2023

The Wie Tec 2023 will be staged at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao) from June 5th to June 7th, 2023. Desun Uniwill participated in the exhibition with various water quality sensors and controllers.

Desun Uniwill Water Quality Sensors Attended the Wie Tec 2023

The Wie Tec 2023 is a super-large world environmental protection exposition platform worldwide. It aims to integrate traditional municipal and industrial environmental protection with comprehensive environmental management and intelligent environmental protection and create an influential business exchange platform in the industry. The 2023 World Environmental Expo has an exhibition area of 220,000 square meters, covering the Shanghai International Water Exhibition, Shanghai International Pump and Valve Exhibition, Shanghai International Solid Waste Gas Exhibition, Shanghai International Smart Environmental Protection Exhibition, Shanghai International Air Fresh Air Exhibition, Shanghai International Construction Water Exhibition, Shanghai The 7 themed exhibitions of International Comfortable Home Furnishing will not only bring together 3,000 exhibitors from more than 23 countries and regions but will also attract nearly 100,000 professional visitors from more than 115 countries and regions.

the first day of the Wie Tec 2023-Desun Uniwill

Today is the first day of the Wie Tec 2023 Exhibition. At the booth of Desun Uniwill, in addition to waves of domestic customers stopping to consult, it also attracted many foreign customers to come to consult and communicate. Desun Uniwill Water Quality Sensors have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions within 3 years, the main products are dissolved oxygen sensor, PH sensor, ORP sensor, turbidity sensor, conductivity sensor, COD sensor, ammonia nitrogen sensor, sludge concentration sensor, chlorophyll sensor, blue-green algae sensor, oil in water sensor, nitrate sensor, multi-parameter water quality sensor, etc. widely used in aquaculture, surface water monitoring, industrial sewage monitoring, rural sewage reconstruction, daily monitoring of rivers and lakes, groundwater quality monitoring, urban sewage treatment, petrochemical, water environmental protection, environmental protection companies, laboratory analysis, etc.

If you are interested in our Water Quality Sensors products, please visit our booth:

Booth No.: 5.1H534

Time: June 05-07, 2023

Venue: Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center | Hongqiao

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