Desun Uniwill News: Indian Customers Visited our Company’s Factory

Recently, Desun Uniwill welcomed an important customer – a delegation of business representatives from India. The Indian client company previously ordered a batch of samples of water quality sensors from us, and the test results were very satisfactory. This time, they visited our factory and planned to conduct more in-depth cooperation.

Desun Uniwill sales team and Indian customers

The Indian client company mainly focuses on developing loT devices and mobile apps for monitoring and automation of aquaculture farms to reduce risk and improve profitability. Desun Uniwill supply water quality sensors such as dissolved oxygen, COD, ammonia nitrogen, PH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, sludge concentration, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, oil in water, nitrate, etc. Which are mainly used for aquaculture farms.

Desun Uniwill sales team and Indian customers in the negotiation room

After arriving at our company’s factory, the Indian customers engaged in a series of business discussions and factory tours. They were deeply impressed by our company’s modern equipment and efficient production processes, expressing their desire for deep cooperation with our company. Both sides had in-depth exchanges on production technology, product quality, and marketing, as well as exploring ways to further expand the scope of cooperation. The visit also included cooperation negotiations between representatives from both sides. They jointly examined key issues such as product development, supply chain management, and market promotion, and put forward practical suggestions on optimizing the cooperation process. The collision of ideas from both sides’ representatives paved the way for future collaboration.

Indian customers visit the production workshop of Desun Uniwill

The representatives of the Indian customers expressed their appreciation for our company’s advanced technology and professional team and expressed their anticipation of establishing a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with our company. They believe that there is great potential for cooperation between China and India in the manufacturing industry, and they hope to create more opportunities for collaboration and achieve mutual development through joint efforts.

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