3 sets multi-parameter water quality sensors will be sent to Malaysia

Desun Uniwill 3 sets multi-parameter water quality sensors will be sent to Malaysia, which will be used for municipal sewage monitoring. The multi-parameter sensors including Eight-parameter: pH, DO, TDS, ORP, conductivity, COD, ammonia, turbidity and temperature.

D2100 series multi-parameter water quality sensor
D2100 series multi-parameter water quality sensor

1.Dissolved Oxygen sensor: 0~20mg/L

2.Conductivity sensor:0 – 2000 μS

3.Turbidity sensor:0 – 40 NTU

4.pH sensor:0 – 14 pH

5.ORP sensor:-999~999mV

6.COD sensor: 2.5~1000mg/L

7.Ammonia nitrogen sensor: 0~1000mg/L

8.Temperature: 0~50°

9.Multi-parameter water quality sensor connects to PC directly for reading.

Desun Uniwill D2100 series multi-parameter water quality sensor is designed in an all-in-one configuration. Each sensor has a waterproof connector. The calibration data is stored in the sensor and can be calibrated and replaced in the field. Up to 11 digital sensors can be connected at the same time. Optional fluorescence dissolved oxygen, four-electrode conductivity, fiber turbidity, digital pH, digital ORP, chlorophyll, water oil and ammonia nitrogen sensor. Equipped with an automatic cleaning device to eliminate air bubbles and prevent microbial growth.

Optical dissolved oxygen probeRange0-20mg/L or 0-200% saturation
Fiber turbidity probeRange0~1000 NTU
Four-electrode conductivity sensorRange1uS/cm-200mS/cm
Digital pH probeRange0-14pH
Digital ORP probeRange-999~999mV
Multi-parameter sensor other informationOperating temperature0~50°C
Automatic cleaning brushYes / Optional
powered by12Vdc±5%
Protection levelIP68
Line lengthStandard 5 meters, longer can be customized

Multi-parameter water quality sensor can easily meet the needs of various water environment monitoring such as rivers, lakes, oceans and groundwater. It has excellent reliability and can be operated in an unattended environment for several months without maintenance.

If you have different parameters to monitor, we support customisation with up to 11 sensors.

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