28 sets COD Sensors were Ready to ship to India for sewage treatment

Desun Uniwill 28 sets COD Sensors were Ready to ship to India for sewage treatment. The COD sensor has the characteristics of no reagent, no pollution, accurate reading, and little external influence. It is suitable for the detection of COD in sewage, surface water, industrial water, etc.

28 sets COD Sensors
28 sets COD Sensors

The measurement of COD content in water is one of the main daily monitoring items of sewage treatment plants. Through the measurement of COD in and out of different structures, the operation of structures can be accurately grasped. Through the analysis of monitoring data for a period of time, the operation of structures can be adjusted appropriately to ensure the effect of sewage treatment. In addition, for the effluent of sewage plants, COD is a water quality item that must be monitored, and the cod content of effluent should meet the corresponding national standards.

Sewage treatment plants can use self-cleaning COD sensors to measure chemical oxygen demand (COD). Desun Uniwll online COD sensor combines many years of experience in the application of water quality sensors, and has carried out a number of upgrades on the original basis. It adopts RS485 communication interface and Modbus RTU standard protocol, and has temperature and turbidity compensation functions. It is more convenient to install and has higher reliability.

Many organic substances dissolved in water absorb ultraviolet light. Therefore, the total amount of organic pollutants in water can be measured by measuring the absorption of these organic substances by ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 254 nm. DS500 series sensors use two light sources, one 254nm ultraviolet light and one 850nm infrared light, which can automatically compensate the optical path attenuation and turbidity effects, thus achieving more stable and reliable measurement values.

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