10 sets oil in water sensors and controllers will be sent to Russia

Recently, Desun Uniwill 10 sets oil in water sensors and controller will be sent to Russia.

Desun Uniwill oil-in-water sensor uses UV fluorescence method to monitor the oil content in water, which has high stability, accuracy, and flexibility. At the same time, the probe also provides a version with automatic cleaning equipment according to customer needs to prevent the probe from being polluted and blocked, suitable for use in turbid water, digital signal supports RS485 and other data output methods, the signal is stable, and supports MODBUS/RTU protocol. The product shell is made of POM material with high crystallinity and high density, which has excellent anti-corrosion and wear-resistant effects and low maintenance costs. The high-quality UV LED light source is installed at the probe, which has strong stability and good filtering effect, which can eliminate the influence of ambient light on the measurement process.

oil in water sensors and controllers
oil in water sensors and controllers

In the process of being decomposed by microorganisms in the water body, the oil in the water will consume the dissolved oxygen in the water body, and the oil floating on the surface of the water body will form an oil film, which will affect the gas exchange on the air-water interface, so that the water body cannot obtain oxygen in time, which exacerbated the deterioration of water quality. In addition, oil pollution in water caused by petroleum and its derivatives can directly poison fish and have extremely adverse effects on fishery production and aquaculture. In particular, the oil film and oil mass will lead to the adhesion of fish eggs and juveniles, which greatly increases the mortality rate. Even if the oil concentration is only 10-4 to 10-5 mg/L, the survival rate of fish eggs is only 55% to 89%, and deformed larvae accounted for 23 to 40%. Therefore, oil in water has become one of the routine water quality monitoring items. ‍

Desun uniwill Oil-in-water sensors can be widely used in municipal, industrial and surface water environment fields, and are suitable for water quality detection and surface water quality monitoring in industrial fields such as sewage treatment, petrochemicals, maritime ships and other industrial fields and industry sub-fields.

ProductOil in water sensor/Self-cleaning oil in water sensor
PrincipleUltraviolet fluorescence method
Resolution0.1ppm or 0.1ppb
The detection limitAccording to the actual oil sample
Protection level Ip68
Sensor interfaceSupport RS-485, MODBUS protocol
AssemblyInput type
Power informationDC 6~12V, current <50mA (when not cleaned)
SizeΦ45*175.8 mm
Probe cable length5 meters (default), can be customized
Housing material316L (customizable titanium alloy)
Self-cleaning BrushNo/Have
Optical windowoptical fiber

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